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What do you think about the past and future? filter_list
What do you think about the past and future? #1
What do you think about the past. Those wars , inventions or anything. Did we succeed? Do you think there will be a war in the close future with guns and bullets or do you think we'll fight economically as it is now? I just want to hear your ideas.


RE: What do you think about the past and future? #2
The past is pretty cool. Seeing how people lived in the past is pretty interesting, although I recognize that we live in the best/safest time humanity has ever seen so I'd definitely never have any desire to go back.

As for the future, I think human society will gradually become perfectly safe for every human on the planet, although at the same time every government in the world will become extremely authoritarian. Nobody will be free but everybody will be forcefully happy and safe. Just my 2 cents.
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RE: What do you think about the past and future? #3
(06-14-2019, 01:22 PM)Melly Wrote: I'm personally interested in seeing the beginning of the global interactive era. After the Internet became fully accessible to everyone via a smartphone, it began to exert a stronger influence on the world. Our life: dating, leisure, work goes online faster and faster. My friend an elderly farmer finished computer courses and was able to apply it in agricultural business. Now he has a convenient website where customers can order organic products to their homes. It seems to me that these changes are for the better.

I disagree, globalism has been nothing but a cancer to humanity. Cultures are becoming homogenized, jobs are flying overseas and millennial women have effectively bred themselves out of the gene pool thanks to dating apps like Tinder since nobody wants to marry an overused cock carousel-riding fucktoy.

The net was cool back when it was a niche market and THE hangout for weird and interesting people. It was a great escape from all the dullards in meatspace. Now that they've all migrated here, it's become an almost unusable retard cesspit. The only positive thing about this is having more sheep to exploit for bigger botnets.

Anyway, to answer the OP's question, humanity's fate and progress is not some linear line where the past always meant lower standards and future means better standards. It's a fluctuating pattern with periods of misery and prosperity. Ancient Rome was the America of 0 A.D. When it collapsed, humanity fell back to the stone ages for the next 1300 years before science and philosophy was re-discovered during the Renaissance.
The Anglosaxon empire today is a dead man walking. False prosperity, false democracy, false community. Men are women and women are men, all the wealth is owned by the top 1% and everybody else is fighting for scraps. Everything is so fucked up that a growing number of people aren't even bothering to get out of the basement anymore.

The West is headed for collapse, the same way of Rome 2000 years ago, the same way of Babylon 2000 years before that. If the pattern will be the same this millennium, you can kiss your computer and internet goodbye for the next 1300 years while society figures out how to unfuck itself and build the next great prosperous empire that will also collapse in a few centuries. Ain't humanity grand?


RE: What do you think about the past and future? #4
I don't think of the past nor the future.

Every day Is a new day, and I take It as It comes.
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RE: What do you think about the past and future? #5
I think that it is necessary to live today, not to live an illusion. In my opinion, if you’re not living now, you’re giving up your life and if there are changes you’d like to make in life, it’s best to do them now. Every day I try to be a better version of myself. Besides, it's a pleasure for me to make the digital world closer to people and work for a software engineering company that gives me an opportunity to develop professionally.


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