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filter_list Tutorial Radial visualizer in Adobe AE
Radial visualizer in Adobe AE #1
I thought this would be a cool addition for the upcoming podcast, so I learned how to do it and thought I'd share it with you guys.


RE: Radial visualizer in Adobe AE #2
Nice tutorial and very nice for the podcast indeed. Nice to know a (very) little bit of editing. Never been good at it, tried multiple times but it's just not my thing, but pretty cool nonetheless.
[Image: 5u8rTPk.jpg]
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RE: Radial visualizer in Adobe AE #3
I'm assuming you're going to implement these techniques with member's voice + avatars to have a nice little design of who's talking?

I really like the idea, and great job handling the podcast with quality.

[Image: kFK0myb.png]


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