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[Review-My-Code] Webserver with login #1
Hey there!
I was told that it was encouraged to share your creations here. I've done my fair share of attacking webservers, and I thought it was my time to try the opposite: creating and securing them. So here's a server I've whipped up over the past week. I've tried attacking it and can't find any vulnerabilities, and was wondering if any of you could. So try your hand at it :)

Pre-download notes:
You need to modify config.php. Don't forget to set up the database that it requires, or you can use the blank one provided. Remember to edit the path for main.db in config.php. Also, I was a bit confused during the period of time that I was developing the javascript for register.php. Although it might be a bit messy, I tried to clean it up afterwards and it's functional. Leave suggestions / comments if you wish :)

Download Link:

End Notes:
If you have PHP installed, you can run this server by changing pwd to the location of the webserver, and running the following command:
php -S localhost:8000
That will open a PHP server on localhost port 8000. Just navigate to http://localhost:8000 on your browser. Have fun!


RE: [Review-My-Code] Webserver with login #2
This is looking great. I've been working on styling it up to make her pretty. Great thread bro!


RE: [Review-My-Code] Webserver with login #3 seems to be down. Upload else where?


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