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filter_list Recommended Hardware for Beginner
Recommended Hardware for Beginner #1
IDK what to get... laptop, chromebook, tablet, notebook, super notebook, another desktop, unlocked phone, server rack, firewall components, server computer, ....

I want to set up a lab basically and just play around cause lets face it, I dont know jack shit. I want to keep learning on linux. and keep my daily pc separate for security. What would you get if you knew that your life is changing and forcing you to do this... and you are at ground zero basically.

I have researched hacking laptops, desktops, and notebooks that can run linux or unix, and am rather impressed with that, I think Id like a device that can be mobile and let me sniff and inject. that said a shitty 45$ laptop may be sufficient and to start, may be all I need at this point.

I am also in favor of building a server in my home, and learning the basics that way as well, so getting a rack may be a start, I see some used ones for 100$ ... and then start to build my own network? firewall is interesting. I had no idea that a computer can be turned into a firewall... and that it had its own os... like that stuff is really cool!

where would you begin if you knew you werent gonna take college classes, but wanted to embark on a career, professional or underground, and was willing to commit to twenty years of dedication and a change of life. Im considering going to a defcon as well, because that shit is just really cool to me. Always has been, Ive never even met another hacker, that I know of at least. thats pretty sad.

If my best approach is to invest in library books or strictly research or lessons, open course ware, or simply mentoring under the wing of a trusted community member, Id like to hear your thoughts!

Feel free and express. My life has always been dangling this in my face... Im willing to do something with my life that means more than myself, as if I havent already. Im bored, I feel useless... I need to learn and find what Im good at and network. all of you out there have had such an advantage it seems. I have several devices at home. but IDK how to really get started... I have two phones, and old palm device used to tweak the air fuel controller on my buddies dsm 1 gen laser after installing a turbo, a few usb devices that control my vsts, daws, etc... a nice desktop gaming pc, a few drives and keyboards, box full of cables patch cords, tools, solder and gun...

I should be able to build a rocket ship or something cool ya know... cheers for letting me vent.


RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #2
I didnt get to see what that person posted, why was it deleted?


RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #3
Get whatever you like and is in your budget. This hardware vs that hardware won't make a significant difference to your learning. If you're at ground zero don't give a fuck about the hardware and pick up some books/resources of what you want to do and just get started already. Only hardware that would really make an impact on your learning is probably a networking lab, and you can start small with that.


RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #4
True. I wouldnt cosider myself at ground zero, but I discovered some new tech and ordered a R pi3+ and an Asus tinker board. Im kinda interested in learning a lil with them. Im looking at a used laptop as well. and I got a second gpu so I can sort out sli gpu cracking... I do have some manuals, and have read them serveral times, a few digital books too, and I have a few GB of vids I snagged to study when I didnt have access to the web, doing this for a few years now. I got rid of the first laptop I hacked with, kinda miss it. Planning an older system build out of old scraps off CL ... would like to learn to make a server and have a dedicated second desktop to hack, can make a firewall too, and try to learn how that protects my stuff. I asked a few times @ various communities for said language to start, and was told C is good as well as Python, so I have pycharm installed and been reading the manuals I grabbed off the web.

I guess I am looking for flexibility with various os and stuff for learning, so I like that I have virtual box, but still havent enough hardware to install those os on. I still ahvent figured out how to get my gpus to work in virtual box, I can when debian is installed, kali, parrot, will be cool to see both gpus cracking now.

Im stoaked for the single boards to get here. I was looking into something smaller than a laptop like a chromebook but decided to steer clear of google hardware. Soon Id like ot start taking some used hardware apart and get the solder gun out... see if i can make a remote controll for my toaster or somethign cool.


RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #5
What exactly will you be performing on the device, and what's your budget?
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RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #6
Budget is no issue, and I intend to hack the fucking planet with it. so basically looking for a device that will work as a learning platform. After some research, IVe decided to wait and see what comes with the new PI and alternatives related, some are coming out with usb 3.0 and 4 gb ram and 4 cores... I seen a 6 core but forgot the name. Ive been stretched away from the Internet of things recently due to family health issues and otehr stress. But I do like to learn so will get something.

I will be building a testing lab basically.

The main computer I have now will soon be retired and will be a canidate to get cut up and fabricated on, this mobo may be my first prototype or dedicated slave machine, labrat, virus server, idk specifically, because there are several things to build. In the mean time, I will get a pi or alternative, and start with the laptop and phone for testing.


RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #7
(04-02-2019, 04:07 PM)natifix Wrote: I intend to hack the fucking planet with it
Well, use a Pentium 100.

Quote:Recommended Hardware for Beginner
Budget is no issue
On a serious note, you've answered your own question.

Purchase a 5k box and you can perform whatever you please.
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RE: Recommended Hardware for Beginner #8
I dont know what type of hardware you need, means model num, company name, etc, But I recommend you to search once on Reecoupons. here varieties of hardware easily available. Also, check my signature.


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