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filter_list Python Fundamentals (Complete Course)
Python Fundamentals (Complete Course) #1
Pluralsight Python Fundamentals - a high quality course to make you get started with Python and to build a strong foundation on it. Start learning now.

Complete course link -!tKwhhDqL!J9ia5IuZWh9zT3ekSxnuQA
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Quote:Logic is POWER, Knowledge is an asset.

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RE: Python Fundamentals (Complete Course) #2
Thanks, been trying to find a good python 3 Tut for a while. Will check it out, cheers.

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RE: Python Fundamentals (Complete Course) #3
This has been grave dug, but for good reason.

It contains an In depth Introduction, excellent video tutorials and concludes with exercise material.
Nice contribution Indeed.
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RE: Python Fundamentals (Complete Course) #4
I appreciate the share, started university in feb and one of my courses is using Python and what they've taught us has been all over the place so far. We were taught about objects and using the turtle library, strings and reading text files, if/else statements, and now functions for 2 weeks in a row. Personally, I don't think we should have even been learning how to read from a file on our third week lmao. I'm glad that personally, I've self-taught myself basics in various languages but for beginners, this has to be a headache.

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