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[Node JS] YeetBot (oh no, not another discord bot) filter_list
[Node JS] YeetBot (oh no, not another discord bot) #1
Dependencies: discord.js, superagent, fs

A (for now) simple discord bot that has following commands:

meme (sends random meme)
deepfried (sends random deepfried meme)
scp (sends random scp meme)
hentai (sends random hentai meme)
btc (gets current btc price in $ and €)
cat (posts cat pics)
dog (does not post dog pics lul)
help (don't need to explain that, right?)
ow (gets overwatch stats... usage: {prefix}ow platfrom region battletag (example: $ow pc eu name-1234))

Please edit the config file to get the bot actually working, also set up your discord api

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