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filter_list Magician - 245 eBooks about Mentalisim Magic
Magician - 245 eBooks about Mentalisim Magic #1
[Image: pom.jpg]
Magician - 245 eBooks about Mentalisim Magic
Size: 1.03 GB

This is a great collection of Mentalism eBooks. From Derren Brown's tricks to the best Cold Reading Manual out there (You can find in this Collection TRADECRAFT, the Cold Reading Book Mentioned by Style in his "Anihillation Method" DVDs).
Here you will find everything you will ever need in order to become a succesful Mentalism Magician.
This is also very useful for sarging chicks, as you can use a lot of the tricks from these manuals to DHV


Angelo Stagnaro - European Mentalism Lecture Notes - 2005.doc
Banachek - Card Revelations, The Telephone Bullet Catch and more.pdf
Banachek - Easy Effects.pdf
Banachek - Effects.pdf
Banachek - PK Touches.pdf
Banachek - PreThoughts.pdf
Banachek - Psychokinetic Time.pdf
Banachek - Psychokinetic Touches.pdf
Banachek - Psychological Subtleties.pdf
Banachek - Psychophysiological Thought Reading.pdf
Banachek - taming the poltergeist.pdf
Basil Horfitz - Mental Magic IV.pdf
Ben Rayot - Deadly Mentalism.PDF
Body Language - Allan Pease.pdf
Body Language.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Real Work Of Cold Reading
Bob Cassidy - The Real Work Of Cold Reading(3)
Bob Cassidy - 39 Steps to Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art of Mentalism 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art Of Mentalism 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Art of mentalism 3.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Bent On Strange.pdf
Bob Cassidy - But Stranger Still.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Crossroads Crosswords.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Dr. Crow's Psychic Secrets.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Dreams and Devices.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Extremely Remote.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook To Mentalism (1).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook To Mentalism(1).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals - A Guidebook to Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Fundamentals 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - fundamentalsfour.pdf
Bob Cassidy - hanussen proof (parapsychology).pdf
Bob Cassidy - Immortal and Cassandra Combo.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Lab Conditions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism - Tricks - Compleat Principia Menta.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism - Tricks - Confessions Of Dr Crow.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mentalism and Magick.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Explosions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Games.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Mind Razor.pdf
Bob Cassidy - PseudoMentally Yours.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Scorpio's Message.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Side Effects.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Strange 2.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Strange Impressions.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Techniques of Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Techniquesof Mentalism Lecture Notes.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Art of Mentalism 1.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Black Book of Mentalism.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Exclusive Routines.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Invisible Mirror.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Moldavian Switch.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The RV Tester.pdf
Bob Cassidy - The Schattenjaeger.pdf
Bob Cassidy - theheresies.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Theories And Methods For The Practical Psychic.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Triple Edge.pdf
Bob Cassidy - Universe An ebook of Practical Mentalism.pdf
Chuck Hickok - Mentalism Incorporated.pdf
Corinda - 13 Steps To Mentalism (Complete).pdf
Derren Brown - 7 Deceptions By Luke Jermay2.pdf
Derren Brown - Behind the screen.pdf
Derren Brown - Book - Absolute Magic.pdf
Derren Brown - Book - Pure effect.pdf
Derren Brown - ESP.pdf
Derren Brown - Hand Stuck On Table.pdf
Derren Brown - how to get the truth out of anyone.pdf
Derren Brown - Lift.pdf
Derren Brown - Losing Hand.pdf
Derren Brown - Mentalism Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Mentalism.pdf
Derren Brown - Mind Games - Vol 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Reading Minds.pdf
Derren Brown - Reminiscence.pdf
Derren Brown - Rock Paper Scissors.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - 3 Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Easy Mentalism.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Mind Reading Tricks Volume 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Ultimate Effect.pdf
Derren Brown - Style - Welcome to Derren Brown Mentalism Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Subliminal Force.pdf
Derren Brown - Synchronized Drinking.pdf
Derren Brown - Techniques.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Magic Seduction.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks Volume 1.pdf
Derren Brown - Tricks.pdf
Derren Brown - Workbook.pdf
Derren Brown Tricks MagicSeduction.pdf
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism - Volume 1.pdf
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism - Volume 3.pdf
George B. Anderson - Dynamite Mentalism.pdf
How to Tell if Someone is Lying.pdf
Impromptu Mind Reading Effect.pdf
Jas Jakutsch - Completely Mental - Vol 2.pdf
Joseph R. Plazo - PhD of Persuasion.pdf
Juan Tamariz - Mental Blockbuster Prediction.pdf
Katz - mentalism in linguistics.pdf
Kenton Knepper - 3-way Billet.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Alexander Opera House.pdf
Kenton Knepper - An Enchanted Evening.PDF
Kenton Knepper - Bentcent.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Card Through Banknote.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Completely Cold (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Completely Cold.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Date With Destiny 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - KENT.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Kentonism.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer kard 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer Konceptions(1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Killer Konceptions.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Kolossal Killer.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Little Book of Wonders.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Little Book of Wonders1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Lucky Number.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Mind Reading.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Miracles of Suggestion.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Miraculous Ploys.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Okitodoll.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Rants into Raves.PDF
Kenton Knepper - SAR.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Sorcerer Series 3.pdf
Kenton Knepper - The Ring.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Three Bill Monte.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Tippler2 harbin (2004).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Web1 (1).pdf
Kenton Knepper - Weird Enough.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Wizard Private Files.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 1.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 2.pdf
Kenton Knepper - Wonder Words 3.pdf
Kenton Knepper - X.pdf
Kenton Knepper & Rex Steven Sikes - Wonder Readings.pdf
Kenton Knepper & Rex Steven Sikes-Wonder Readings.pdf
Kenton Knepper Completely Cold1.pdf
Kenton Knepper- Hermit Dream .pdf
Larry Becker - Bold Business.pdf
Larry Becker - Book Test 4 Dummies.pdf
Larry Becker - Out of Body.pdf
Larry Becker - World of Super Mentalism I.pdf
Larry Becker - World Of Super Mentalism, II.pdf
Lee Earle - 1-2-3 Trilogy.pdf
Lee Earle - Early Earle.pdf
Lee Earle - M.I.N.D..pdf
lee earle - manifestations.pdf
Lee Earle - Out of Syzygy.pdf
Lee Earle - Silver Bullet Lite.pdf
Lee Earle - Sun Signs (XBXCSA).pdf
Lee Earle - Sun Signs.pdf
Lee Earle - Superscript (Password KYJNKA).pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - Graphics.pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - The First Five Volumes.pdf
Lee Earle - Syzygy - Vol 1.pdf
Lee Earle - The Gentle Art of Cold Reading.pdf
Making Manifestations (Building the Commercial Seance) by Lee Earle.pdf
Marc Spelmann - Glimpse.pdf
Mark Timon - Triple Impact Design Duplication - Mentalism.pdf
Master Of Body Language.pdf
Mastering Hypnosis.pdf
Max Maven - Flaunting Five Fanciful Formulae.pdf
Mental tricks 6 techniques (pwd=ebookPublications).pdf
Nick Trost - Mental Card Miracles.pdf
Ormond McGill - Psychic Magic - Vol 2.pdf
Ormond McGill - Psychic Magic - Vol 4.pdf
Patrick Page - Entertaining ESP.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Blue, Red, And Green Books Of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Blue-green and red Book Of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Violet Book of Mentalism.pdf
Phil Goldstein - The Yellow Book Of Mentalism.pdf
Psychokinesis Magic Book.pdf
Ralph W Read - One Man Mind Reading Secrets.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Black Box.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Breakthrough Card System.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries 1.PDF
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries 2.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Dynamic Mysteries.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Essays.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Making Magic Real.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Making Real Magic.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book v1.PDF
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book v3.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Blindfold Book.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Breakthrough Card System.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Perfected Center Tear.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Principles of Magic.pdf
Richard Osterlind - The Very Modern Mindreader.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Thought Scan1.pdf
Richard Osterlind - Transparent Forces.pdf
Robert Nelson - Deluxe Club Mind Reading.pdf
Sealed Vision - Will Dexters.pdf
Using Playing Cards in Mentalism.pdf
William Walker Atkinson - Practical Mind Reading.pdf
Cold Reading - Discussion and Review.pdf
Cold Reading.pdf
Denis Dutton - On Cold Reading.pdf
Herb Dewey - Red Hot Cold Reading.pdf
Richard Webster - Cold Reading Variations.pdf
Robert Nelson - Sequel to The Art of Cold Reading.pdf
Robert Nelson - The Art Of Cold Reading.pdf
Tradecraft - The Art And Science Of Cold Reading.pdf

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RE: Magician - 245 eBooks about Mentalisim Magic #2
Can this great collection be downloaded ?


RE: Magician - 245 eBooks about Mentalisim Magic #3
(06-07-2019, 10:45 PM)DaveD Wrote: Can this great collection be downloaded ?

Yes if the link at the bottom of the thread is still up. Also, you're super gravedigging. This thread was made in 2013...
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