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filter_list Learning Classes?
Learning Classes? #1
I've been taking a computer science class in high school for this semester, moving up to the second level. we started out with C++ and second level goes to java but theres still more for me to learn in C++ such as classes. I was hoping some of you guys could fill me in on the basics of classes such as their syntax and how they're useful. also libraries, i'd like to get into learning those. thanks to those who help Smile
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RE: Learning Classes? #2

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RE: Learning Classes? #3
(12-25-2015, 05:25 AM)God Wrote:

thanks for that lol, quick easy tut that actually helped
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RE: Learning Classes? #4
Yes!! TheNewBoston was my start. I'm telling you the amount of help Bucky has given to me is insane. If it wasn't for me wanting to learn and his videos I wouldn't have started.
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RE: Learning Classes? #5
You could also learn about classes from


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RE: Learning Classes? #7
I use alot. The site has pages of everything you could ever want to know about c++ standard libraries.

Also, you probably know a little more about classes than you think. The string type variable is actually a class in c++. Whenever you use commands like 'somestring.length()' you are using the string class's member function 'length' to return the length of the string. If you check out thr standard library pages on it will actually show you the code written into the string class that returns the length value.

Its honestly a shame that your school didnt cover anything about classes in C++. Its basically the defining point of the language.


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