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filter_list Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick
Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick #1
Firestick remains to be the most cheapest streaming devices of them all, while Kodi being the best streaming app the world has ever seen.

I went to googling and found an easy way of how to install kodi on firestick with pc and without pc.
Infact secure your device with a VPN service and stream worldwide without any issue.

It works   xD


RE: Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick #2
My dad does this, and does it for so many of his friends. I love doing this myself, maybe not with a firestick, but using Kodi.
Click here for more.

(01-18-2018, 10:40 AM)sigma Wrote: Actually, I noticed a delay in my notifications too, but I think it's my connection - using a Ti-80 hooked up to my toaster for WiFi. You?


RE: Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick #3
I've been thinking of installing Kodi or Plex on my Raspberry PI, but this looks kind of good as well. Does it work smooth or is it laggy? Since 1080p playback should be doable otherwise it doesn't have much use to me.
[Image: 5u8rTPk.jpg]
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RE: Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick #4
I hate 17 on the fire stick. The default skin is unintuitive, confluence occasionally resets to default, add-ons are disabled by default. I wish I could stop time on 16.


RE: Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick #5
Have a pi2, kodi works well on it , just need to add a heatsink Smile


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