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filter_list HELP I need to change school grades
RE: HELP I need to change school grades #11
This is completely possible to do. Although I'll say that if you had the skills to change your grades with out being caught , well you wouldn't have to change them in the first place. Depending on how they have things set up it could possibly be as simple as hoping on teachers computer while the coast is clear. But Really what everyone that asks this question fails to think about it is how easy to catch it and you. Your teachers surely have a pretty good idea of what your grade if not exactly what it is. And would defiantly alert them next time the go to enter some grades and your magically a 3.7gpa from like a 2.5. And if they know they didnt change it, and its extremely unlikely for some one to randomly change someones elses grade for the better guess that leaves you.

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RE: HELP I need to change school grades #12
Better leave this one buddy. The risk is NOT worth it. I had a friend who passed all his A-Levels it was all c's or b's. But he never had the grades to go to the uni of his choice. He Just re did his exams. That will cost you another year but worth it in the long run if you are desperate to go to that certain uni. Or just find another uni that does the course you want to do.
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RE: HELP I need to change school grades #13
If you do it don't get caught. I put a keylogger on ALL my teachers computers ( spammed their teacher email with a download link, however, lots of them were open to remote explotation. School security is a joke ) got their logs in, and gave myself all the grades I wanted ( C's & B's so it wasn't suspicious ).
I did this for my freshman year, but my sophomore year, I got caught cuz the teacher caught on to my grade changing, from what she was saving. I got expelled, and did 6 months since it was my first offense. Definitely taught me to be more careful when leaving a trail. I got my GED during my sentence so I didn't have to go back to school & cuz there's really nothing to do. So, if you do, do it, don't get caught, or else it'll mess up your schooling more than a couple bad grades will.
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