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Free Domain .NU Extension [12 MONTHS] filter_list
Free Domain .NU Extension [12 MONTHS] #1

Offer ends September 1st 2013
Many free domains available
Free InstantWeb homepage

Q: Why can I only register 1 .NU domain?
A: The current promotion allows you to register 1 free .NU domain. In order to keep things fair, we've set the limit to 1 domain name per customer.
It will be possible to register additional domains in the next few weeks for an additional fee.

Q: Can I redirect subdomains?
A: Currently, it is not possible to redirect subdomains. The best solution is to make a DNS subdomain and forward this. We advise you check with your hosting provider to see whether they support this.

Q: What are the renewal rates for my .NU domains?
A: After the first year of free registration, the renewal rate for a .NU domain is $23.00 for 1 full year.

Q: How can I delete a domain name from my account?
A: In order to delete a domain from your account, take the following steps:
1. Open the Domains tab.
2. Click 'delete' for the domain you wish to delete.
3. Confirm the deactivation of the domain.
Q: Can I transfer domains to you?
A: Currently it's not possible to transfer domains just yet. We hope to provide these options soon.

Q: Where can I find the auth code?
A: The auth code can be found by following the steps below;
1. Click 'auth code' tab by the domain you would like to transfer. This will display an ´Outgoing transfers´ block above your domains list.
2. Click the Auth code tab to view the auth code of that domain.

To be noted: do not disclose the auth code to anyone.

[hide]To get your free .nu domain, click this link, that's all Smile[/hide]
[Image: lkPrcKW.png]


RE: Free Domain .NU Extension [12 MONTHS] #2
Thanks for this. I want a .nu domain


RE: Free Domain .NU Extension [12 MONTHS] #3
Not the greatest TLD, but its still one. Good deal. Thanks!
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