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Poll: Do you like flash games?
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filter_list Do you still play flash games?
RE: Do you still play flash games? #11
I used to play them back then. Can't get into them now.


RE: Do you still play flash games? #12
I still play Ball N Wall lmao its very fun


RE: Do you still play flash games? #13
I've been known to play happy wheels for the sheer gore factor.
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RE: Do you still play flash games? #14
if 8ball pool counts then yes i sometimes do play flash games
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RE: Do you still play flash games? #15
I don't even have flash in my box and I'd like to keep it that way
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RE: Do you still play flash games? #16
I spent a ridiculous amount of time (over 1000 hours) playing Desktop Tower Defense Pro multiplayer (casualcollective). Also got turned on to Kingdom Rush by playing it in a web browser years ago before it was an app.
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RE: Do you still play flash games? #17
(08-04-2017, 05:02 AM)I Like Gold Wrote:
(08-03-2017, 08:31 PM)Pikami Wrote: The only flash game I still play is Town of Salem
I don't like flash and I'm scared of using it, I only use flash in a linux VM, I figure if someone is going to use a flash exploit it's going to target windows so that's why I use a linux VM, and VM is used to protect my main OS

Well, the NSA already has exploits in Windows that they currently use, so I suggest switching to Linux as your main OS if you're that paranoid.

Linux is the most widely used kernel/os-base in the world. A better choice for government paranoia would be OpenBSD, or, better yet, a small community OS like Sortix ( or even something non-POSIX like Menuet OS ( Or the best option, write your own.

Here's a little known fact: lntel CPUs have built in 3g modems, if the NSA has a hardware backdoor, they already have internet built-in. I guess you should go with AMD... Actually, you might wanna go with something less complex, a RISC architecture... The common choice would be an ARM processor, but those are so common, if the NSA has backdoored Intel processors, how do we know that they wouldn't backdoor one of the most used architectures on earth? I guess that leaves you with SPARC, but why go with something closed anyway, how'd you know if it was backdoored? I guess you can go and use OpenRISC or RISC-V, but that leaves you with only one low-power chip...

This could go on for a while... The point is that one can always be more paranoid, and at some point it becomes impractical. Where that point is, is your decision.

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RE: Do you still play flash games? #18
Kongregate is still the shit


RE: Do you still play flash games? #19
I used to play platform racing 2 and 3 a lot, the servers are gone now though you can still play version 3 as someone changed the servers and hosted their own


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