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filter_list Assembly as a first language?
RE: Assembly as a first language? #11
You *could* do it, but like other posters have said, assembly is way harder than most anything else.

Maybe if you are a masochist and want to do it learn C first to give you a baseline. Then use something like Visual C++ in Visual Studio to write inline assembly.

Inline assembly is way easier to get your head around than straight assembly. Leastways that's how I'm doing it.
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RE: Assembly as a first language? #12
Okay so here's an example I just cribbed from Uncle Google:

Spin up Visual c++, create a console project and cut and paste the following code in. Then you can put breakpoints in it and step through it to see what it's doing.

(Puts on flame jacket - yeah I know it's lame as fuck but it's an example of how a total beginner could do it...)

Following code will *work*....

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdafx.h>

int power2(int num, int power);

int main(void)
printf_s("3 times 2 to the power of 5 is %d\n", \
power2(3, 5));
int power2(int num, int power)
mov eax, num; Get first argument
mov ecx, power; Get second argument
shl eax, cl; EAX = EAX * (2 to the power of CL)
// Return with result in EAX


RE: Assembly as a first language? #13
Here's another example. I've been playing with it the last thirty minutes.
This one takes an integer input, adds 5 to it and then returns it back to the calling c...

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "stdio.h"

int subtr(int num)
int z;
mov eax, num
sub eax, 5
mov z, eax
return z;


int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
int num = 0;
num = subtr(5);
return 0;


RE: Assembly as a first language? #14
If someone learned Assembly without any previous programming experience... I would be amazed
Though I don't think its impossible, it'd take a lot of time and by the time you learned... you'd be bald. xD
-= I'm just surprised. But no, I'm not scared. I'm from Rio. =-

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RE: Assembly as a first language? #15
Straight assembly is tough. Not impossible as a staring language, but id reccomend something Object C based.
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