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Hi Guys! #1
Hello everyone,

I'm a total beginner here, got introduced to the forum by a friend after I told him about my recent SE exploits with amazon.

Just thought I could share my experiences and also do some learning whilst I'm here.

I'm interested in anything that makes money (software development, affiliate marketing, bricks and mortar businesses, property, development, arbitrage etc).

Hope to get to know some of you and make some friends along the way!

UK based!...I am UK based lol
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RE: Hi Guys! #2
Welcome to the forum! Enjoy you’re time here!


RE: Hi Guys! #3
Welcome to Sinisterly.

Feel free to ask for assistance If and when needed, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules.
Have a pleasant stay.


RE: Hi Guys! #4
Welcome aboard. Plenty of methods and tutorials here.
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