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Pro SEO Tools - brookboys - 03-09-2018

Wondering if anyone could suggest, Pro SEO Tools? That actually work.
Started a Project on SEO Marketing . Need opinions and suggestions.

RE: Pro SEO Tools - pontiffico - 03-11-2018

I know my way around SEO, the most important thing is how well SEO Structured your codes are...
and secondly the URL structure of your website....
then use an SEO Tool to add meta tags and header tags or add them manually.
you can then submit it to search engines for indexing...

If you run wordpress - use Yoast
Or you can setup a standalone with - SEO PANEL SCRIPT.
(softaculous has autoinstall for that)

RE: Pro SEO Tools - waterist - 08-16-2019

Thanks, I'll check these options.

RE: Pro SEO Tools - Uhave2ki11 - 12-31-2019

(12-31-2019, 11:16 AM)Demixl Wrote: first of all you have to find a website traffic tool
Maybe Finteza? It provides even better traffic analytics services than Google's, at least for me. I don't know if you're a beginner in traffic analysis or not, but for a beginner, Google Analytics might seem complicated, 'cause, to be honest, it confused me a lot also.
That's why I searched for an alternative and I found Finteza. Although it is such a good piece of soft, it is not popular, people don't know about it, that's why you're asking here about an alternative. So, yeah, try it, that's the suggestion of an experienced web developer who worked with many site analyzing tools.

RE: Pro SEO Tools - DrAlvarez - 05-05-2020

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s keyword research tool. Use it to generate keyword ideas based on up to ten seed keywords, or from a website or URL.
While Keyword Planner does have limitations such as a lack of absolute search volumes, it’s useful for finding keyword ideas that you might struggle to find using traditional keyword research tools.

RE: Pro SEO Tools - Iluminatis - 05-05-2020

Hey, guys. Of course, it's useful application for the people, who understand SEO, but what about the beginners? I mean, that there are a lot of people, who want to learn SEO and earn money through it. I won't hide, that even I haven't understood how it works on the first try, so likely for the beginners, I have found the SEO for dummies, where there top 8 SEO tools, which will help them to figure out the SEO. What do you think about it? Thank you in advance for the quotes.