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REAPeR API - Equinox - 01-21-2014

TL;DR: Read it.

For a while I've had the idea for Chatango bots to shorten Python input.

Example without
if used_prefix and cmd == "stuff":

elif message.body.startswith("$stuff"):

if pfx&cmd == "stuff":

elif msw("$stuff"):

This isn't really an API, but here's the code for it anyways.
import ch

pfx& = used_prefix and
pfx&cmd = used_prefix and cmd
msw = message.body.startswith
rm = room.message

Pretty basic at the time but it'll get better. And more effective.

The usage for it is simple. A faster more efficient way to utilize Chatango bots with
It shortens the length of code being typed to be able to finish projects faster.