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Hi There! - cr4ck3r - 08-12-2019

Hi everyone,

I'm not so good at introduction so I'll just make it simple, I've been with different forums for the past 10-12 years ago and pretty much has somethings to share, I'm pretty much a "point me in the right direction" person not a "Can you giv3 me a h4x tool?" guy, I'm more of a learner.

Pretty much that's it, I'll do my best to share with the community.


RE: Hi There! - mothered - 08-12-2019

Welcome to Sinisterly.

Enjoy your time navigating around the forums, and have a wonderful stay.

RE: Hi There! - xxtripodxx - 08-12-2019

Welcome to the place! enjoy your stay, you can learn a lot here!

RE: Hi There! - cr4ck3r - 08-19-2019

Thanks for the warm welcome.