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Collection #1 - Invisibility - 02-01-2019

Selling Collection #1 database.
Price is 0.03 BTC

I will prepare links if anyone is interested

RE: Collection #1 - 839rz72zß3947th4398qzq34875z - 02-02-2019

For free here:
Not responsible for the content of the link, but found it on another forum.

Here it is even for half of your price:

Man, wtf?! Sorry for sells trashing, but 0.03 btc is way to much. We aint stupid and if you think you can request such a high price, then dont mind that we help each other out!

Make the price cheaper like 10-20 bucks and I will remove the two links above.

RE: Collection #1 - mothered - 02-02-2019

There's a few online resources selling It cheaper.

Ultimately, It's your decision.
Good luck with your sales.

RE: Collection #1 - sunjester - 02-04-2019

this is free, if you buy it you're an idiot.

RE: Collection #1 - Invisibility - 02-15-2019

(02-04-2019, 06:22 PM)sunjester Wrote: this is free, if you buy it you're an idiot.

I didn't buy it lol.