Full Version: Heroquizz, Catfly Script ; Create Similar In Less Then 5 Min!(50% SALE!)
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this is website script to create viral apps/quizzes with Facebook user profile picture and name. This  Script is the best way to start your own website with apps like “How cute or sexy are you?“, “Who wanna kill you?“, “When will you have the first child?” “How much arrogant are you?” “Which friend loves you most?” etc. Which can also be the great source to earn.

You can use this script on any site.This script works and 100% tested.Be ready to make your own Quiz  site.

price - 10$ only (5$ with promotion Code That u can get here :
Script Is  Modified And Backdoor Cleaned By Me!

(original price was 100$ maybe year ago and was backdoored)

Demo : (not exactly same but similar)

i can give u some tips how u can set it up correctly but i won't be your tech support always, i will just help u to install it

Contact Me On Discord If u Have Any Questions : Fall3N#3618
Updated.. Fixed Few little Bugs
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