Full Version: FREE | Remove ADs from Spotify on PC
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Enjoy  Wink

Goto C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and find the files named 'HOSTS'
Open the file with any text editor and copy & paste in all of these IP's
Thanks for the contribution. Has anyone tested this out?
The good old Windows Hosts file.

I've used It for an array of purposes- the most common being preventing Adobe products from deactivating. Some users may experience permission Issues when adding entries, so simply copy the Hosts file to another directory, add the entries and place the file back thereafter.
It works perfectly.
just try it and you will see.
Any idea how to do this in Mac?
(07-05-2019, 05:57 PM)BK-201 Wrote: [ -> ]Any idea how to do this in Mac?

There would have to be a specific 'HOST' file on Mac. But I'm not familiar at all with Mac computers, so you'd have to ask someone else.
I just found the HOST file on Mac, thanks
hope it will work
For Linux / Mac is the HOST file located at: /etc/hosts
I tested and it works great! thanks!
Tried it and works perfectly thanks