Full Version: Any Bon Jovi fans here
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Anyone here like the band Bon Jovi ??
Theyre one of my favourite bands out there and just seeing if theres anymore fans out there
I find there to be a kind of triumvirate formed out of the big 70s-80s rock bands. That being Journey, Foreigner, and Bon Jovi.

Others pop in sometimes and disappear others, however those seem to be the top.

Bon jovi is amazing and I have seen them in concert once and I'd say it was pretty damn good.
I'd say I'm a fan - I've seen 'em live twice (Circle Tour in 2009 and Because We Can tour in 2013) and I have nine of the studio albums.

They're not always my go to band, but in the grand scheme of rock I do enjoy the music and at least an album or two is usually somewhere in a playlist.
I enjoy their music, but that is about it, I grew up on Motley Crue, Metallica, Slayer, The Great Kat, etc etc. I enjoy all sorts of music genres, but my default is rock or metal.