Full Version: EvilAP Defender {Open Source}
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Today I give you, EvilAP Defender, Protect yourself from EvilAP attacks!

This tool will alert you via email when an EvilAP is found around your area, read more on the wiki:

Aircrack-ng suite
Your wireless card must be supported by Aircrack-ng. Check the following URL:
Python libraries: MySQLdb, Scapy, and Netaddr

Credits go to moha99sa.
This is very nice, especially when browsing on public WiFi AP or insecure AP (which are most of the time 2 of the same things). Thank you for sharing!
My IDS detects (by IP and MAC address), any devices attempting to connect to my local network that are not In my trusted zone.

It does not however cover rogue APs. I can't wait to give this a shot.
Thanks kindly.
Sharing is caring and I thought it'd be best dropping this here, it's pretty slick to be honest.