Full Version: [ UPDATED 7/10/2019 ] Drako's RAT pack
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DISCLAIMER - I'm not responsible for how you intend to use these tools!

Always run these in a VM! They may be infected!

Is this pack still being updated?

Hello guys! I thought I'd open up the thread again since I decided I'm not responsible for how anyone uses this tool so the forum and I are all good. I'm sorry for the no VT upload, but there are way too many tools, and they're all RATs so they're going to get false positives.

1. Arctic Miner
2. Babylon
3. Bifrost
4. BlackNix
5. [ REMOVED ] Cobian v1.0.18.4
6. CyberGate v3.4.2.2
7. NanoCore v1.2.2.0
8. njRat v0.7d
9. Novalite v3.7
10. Offence RAT v2.5
11. Orcus 1.9.1
12. Plasma RAT 1.5
13. Plasma RAT 1.7
14. Ramcos 1.7
15. Revenge RAT v0.3
16. Schwarze Sonne 2.0 Beta 2
17. SpyGate 3.2
18. VanToM RAT 1.4
19. Xena RAT 2.0.0
20. Xtreme RAT 3.6
21. jRat
22. DroidJack 4.4
23. njRAT v0.8d
24. jNet
25. Crimson 3.0.0
26. Slayer RAT SRC
27. Maus 1.0b
28. Maus 2.0b
29. Quasar v1.3.0.0
30. Github RATs [ REMOVED ]
31. njRat v0.11G
32. Cloud Net 1.7
33. KazyBot 1.0 Lite
34. Pandora RAT 2.2
35. Loki RAT P1
36. KillerRat v10.0.0
37. Orcus 1.3.1
38. NingaliNET
39. oZone 0.55
40. Xanity PHP
41. NjRat Lime Edition 0.7.8 [FULL]
42. KJw0rm V0.5X
43. Arcom v1.5
44. UnknownRAT 1.2.0
45. Comet Rat v0.1.4
46. Orcus 1.9 Anti-Takedown
47. VanillaRAT
48. Pace
50. MosaiqueRAT

v2.0 changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...
v3.0 changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...
v4.0 Changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...
v5.0 Changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...
v6.0 Changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...
v7.0 Changelog - Ghostbin isn't running anymore...

I know Arctic Miner doesn't really classify as a "Remote Access Trojan" but I thought id throw it in there just because it can be used on different PCs. And yes there are larger RAT packs out there but, most of them are REALLY old or links are dead. The best out of all of these is probably Orcus and the worst is probably Schwarze Sonne. If the link dies out just let me know! Just to hopefully increase the longevity a bit I will make a fake name for an RAR , "GFX pack V2" and then make a 7z archive and name it "My GFX Tools". Not sure if it will help at all but its worth a shot! Passwords for both archives will be "Drako123". Now enjoy!

Tools needed for archive extraction
WinRAR -

Download Link(s)
RAT Pack v1.0 -!ArIFBIYA!l-2aqYKr6DC4M...pdrIncMuJ4
RAT Pack v2.0 -
RAT Pack v3.0 -
RAT Pack v4.0 -
RAT Pack v5.0 -
RAT Pack v6.0 -
RAT Pack v7.0 -!4nBiAYSD!cu4fMGWjNXlFM...e59mKyhyak
Nice share bud we appreciate it. I personally don't mess with it but at least you.are contributing instead of leeching!
Thanks for sharing ! It's very cool !
Man, i hope these arent backdoored. if theyre clean i love you man!!
Nice share im gonna look into it
whats the password for RAT pack v3?
(10-03-2017, 12:18 AM)--null-- Wrote: [ -> ]whats the password for RAT pack v3?

nvm im stupid
Bump. New update, V4.0.0!
thanks for the pack, am having a play on my vm and old laptop
If you need/want more RATs (or Keyloggers, crypters, binders, booter source codes etc), let me know.

Appreciate the contribution.
Thank you.
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