Full Version: Huge collection of Malware source code
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Here is a huge collection of malware on a github page, they're out of date exploitpacks, rats, and other malware related but the code is all their just thought I would share even though it was all well known...
Nice. I've found and shared some source code for malware myself. Would love to see more on this subject.
interesting. Forked for further inspection

Thanks for the share, this should be interesting to shoot up in a VM and see how it works
Very nice. I bookmarked the page. Will look into later.
If only I had this when my malware forensics and analysis lab was setup.

Nonetheless, I shall definitely check this out.
Thank you.
This looks very interesting. Might be some interesting thing to learn from. Thanks for the share, I will definitly check this out. Always wanted to analyze some malware.
Thank you for the share. It might be fun playing with these in a VM.
Nice bro, thanks for sharing !
Don't mark this thread as a leak, it is not remotely close
Thank you so much, will definitely be taking a look at this in the near future