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So, a while back I had the idea to create an opiate/nodding playlist whilst high..I found a few songs via bluelight, but no-one had ever linked a full playlist, of different kinds of vibes and other musical things.

I am not a virtuoso of music by any means, but I think this playlist is decently well put together with different genre's of music from different times, some early 60s, to 2000s things.

This playlist is mostly made for when you're on opiates, or other drugs and just kind of relaxing, but you don't need to be under the influence to enjoy good music by any means.

Feel free to leave any creative criticism or even to belittle me for being a drug user, I welcome any and all comments, rather they be nice or rude.

Hope you have a good Easter.

I will be updating this playlist when I find more music I deem fit to go into it as well.

Nodding Playlist