Full Version: Made some logos for my friend
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Got bored again. Made these, he didn't ask for them, just got bored :^)
They're not the best, just thought I'd share them see what you guys think.  Heart  Heart

[Image: k98QYY3.jpg]

[Image: u6Rt6A0.jpg]
Text is a bit difficult to read, honestly.
Nice, clean, modern.

Although I agree with @Satan , it is a bit weird to read, not too hard, but a bit.
(01-18-2017, 12:08 AM)Satan Wrote: [ -> ]Text is a bit difficult to read, honestly.

I also had to strain my eyes to read what it said, the pink doesn't help either.
Colour scheme is dope! Really like it, looks clean and fresh. But like the others said, hard to read. Overall nice job OP!
The one with the face is uber creative. COuld be a bit cleaner and easier to read though
Agree with the above comments, needs contrast