Full Version: Medieval Logo
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Made a logo for my gmod community.

I'd like some constructive critisism thanks. Blush

[Image: qjlkhi.jpg]
Blur on the background image is way too much imo.
Text is way too sharpened and the background is unnoticeable. The choice of colour is not up to par and the text doesn't look centered.
The background has a fair bit too much blur like mentioned above and the text seems to conflict with the colors of the background Image a bit making it a pain to read.
I'm gonna give you some basic mean problems, okay Devourz?
  • Color scheme/pallette is a no-go
  • Like many others said, blur is too high
  • The boxed letters remove the *ahem* A E S T H E T I C of the picture
  • The boxed letters need to be scaled bigger than the majority
  • The text is not easy to read
  • More light would be nice
  • Font choice could be better
  • Instead of just putting "RP" put Roleplay (if that what it stands for) to increase the *ahem* A E S T H E T I C of the picture
  • The color/colour inside of the boxed letters, ewwww
  • I think the outline glow could of had a better color (idk)
  • Each word¬†have a¬†different and weird spacing/alignment
  • Is that a space between "RECK" & "LESS"? - dude, no-go.
  • I can't tell you used vignette, if you are, light is good.

ps: logos should be simple (picture)
god bless
Blur is too heavy for me otherwise great