Full Version: Bosmer Text Style
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[Image: vKj1uS4.png]

So, I've been playing Elder Scrolls Online lately (a lot actually) and I wanted to try something new for a change. So I decided to do something that which I have never done before in my life. I've created a "text style" PSD!

This specific text style is inspired by the "Bosmer" or "Wood Elf" race from the "Elder Scrolls" Universe. The idea was to capture the feeling of a forest overgrown with moss, while still keeping it somewhat classy. (As the Bosmer hail from Valenwood, a lush forest under the partially control of the somewhat "classy" Aldmeri Dominion.) So, what do you think for my first try at this in my life? (Actually, compare this with other styles alike this one around the web and then give me feedback on it, that or just your personal opinion on it. That works too,  but constructive feedback is preferred.)