Full Version: Sinisterly
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Made a new one, since people in the Discord wanted a viable means to share/play music.

Wow what a great idea! I didn't even know was back up.
i miss will never fill the void for me
This is great, I might start using it again and play some music in a bit.
You are one talented Individual @Oni.

A job well done.
Great to have all these perks. Well done.
Moved to Music section and stickied.

I play music on this occasionally, I won't claim my tastes are superior but I'll mainly be playing EDM/trap. You guys are free to play whatever and join in. Biggrin
(06-23-2016, 10:43 AM)typhoid Wrote: [ -> ]i miss will never fill the void for me

I love you.
Closing/unstickying. I still play random music from time to time.