Full Version: Linux Python script designed to hunt and copy encrypted disk drive contents
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Man fuck these security checks.

cryptie is a Python script designed on Python 3.5.1, which hunts down disk drives stored in /etc/crypttab and mounted in the file system by /etc/fstab. Once the mounted encrypted drives have been found, the contents are compressed and stored in /tmp/cryptie/random_string.tar.gz. (gz extension, so cryptie uses gzip.. obviously)
I was going to add a feature which sends these compressed tars in hex format to an irc channel or a listener on a box with optional SSL, but deemed this was enough already. Also large tars would be terrible to send in an irc channel.
I whipped this up in the space of 40 minutes to an hour, so I'm sorry if there are any inconsistencies or small bugs.
There are comments at the top of the file which tell you some more information.

This is nice to have if you have root access on the box somehow, and access to cron jobs. Wink2
Nice script man, thanks for sharing!