Full Version: [Minecraft] FTB Infinity Evolved server
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Hello everyone.

A friend of mine kept pestering me for a server for this modpack, so I thought I might as well invite others.
Message me for the IP, also include your Minecraft username so you can be whitelisted.

Don't bother if your only interest is attacking players and/or you just want to grief.

This server has no specific purpose, it is a survival server. It isn't PVP only, it isn't build only or anything like that. Right now, I have only offered invitations on 2 forums so no it isn't going to have 10+ online players at all times.

Server is located in the US, so mainland EU player may get occasional delays.
If it's your first time playing FTB, be sure to allocate at least 2GB to the game. You can do this via the options tab in the launcher.

It's advised to play with one or more of your friends as it can be pretty difficult solo.

P.S No you don't get creative, OPĀ or get to ask for items. You also don't get to "partner" with me.