Full Version: Blade and Soul?
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Anyone play/played Blade and Soul on here? I'm just installing updates on it, gonna give it a go, any thoughts on it?
Never heard of it hmu with what's it's like pal
(01-26-2016, 08:20 PM)Azzid Wrote: [ -> ]Never heard of it hmu with what's it's like pal

It's an mmorpg and has an anime but idk if they are like directly linked. It's good from first look so it's kept crashing for me cause my graphics card is like a piece of cardboard xD
hmm I've never heard of it but it seems cool
I might try it out
K because not alot of people heard of this, here we go.

It's an mmorpg and has been out in places like Russia and Asian regions but not available in the EU... until now. It was major hyped and has like over a million downloads on its first week release, here's their site
Yea, its a lot of fun, I still play it