Full Version: Best Place to learn python?
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What are some good places to learn Python?
I have already checked a bunch of other forums but can't seem to learn it good.
I have also done codecademy but it didn't really help.
I have had the same problem as you, codecademy or other sites didn't help me learn programming languages.
I would recommend to buy books, as I did in another thread, those will help in the end.
Hope I helped you out.
But python is actually very easy to learn, as it is one of the easiest languages.
just go to
Check my Thread on this if you're still interested.
Probably Youtube, or forums like Alphas. Youtube would probably be better because you have someone actually talking to you and you get to see it in live action. But of course a personal tutor would be better.
try using python documentation , and if u doesnt understand go to youtube
(03-04-2016, 08:18 PM)Balthum Wrote: [ -> ]try using python documentation , and if u doesnt understand go to youtube

Nice gravedig. -.-'
There's a shit ton of places. If you ever have no clue where to go, just seriously use , Google, or a book. From there, you really only need to start doing projects and reviewing others' code, because that's where the real learning happens.
Check for Automate The Boring Stuff With Python 3. It's free.
look at module you know you are going to use -> type stuff that looks right -> error -> stackoverflow -> rinse & repeat

honestly, this is always the best way.
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