Full Version: Do you think mobile gaming is a threat?
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Do you think mobile gaming is a threat to console gaming? I hear a lot of people stating that but I think it's completely idiotic. What are your opinions on this?

I think you would be have to be stupid if you actually thought a bunch of crappy clones of old games and flash games are really a threat to console gaming. They had this on the computer for years yet console gaming was hardly threatened.
I can agree with you on this. Flash games cloning the real thing will never be as entertaining as the real thing.
Probally not. You would have to fit a lot of things into a tablet or a phone. Mobile gaming is always going to be there but it gets boring after fifteen minutes of playing the same game.
Not at all.
Most of them are shitty copies of real console games, or are games with terrible concepts and graphics.
No lol. They can be good but they arent going to take over console gaming. The only real console threat is the PC but the consoles are beating PC gaming atm and probably will for a good while.
I don't think it's a threat because phones are too small. I think most people want to play their games on a large visible screen.
(02-12-2013, 08:14 PM)guy894 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think it's a threat because phones are too small. I think most people want to play their games on a large visible screen.

Yeah this too, the gaming experience isn't as good in my opinion on a small screen. But then again the GBA, NDS ect have done well for themselves.

Also mobile gaming includes tablets ect... I guess which have decent size screens.

Still yeah a big TV screen is better IMHO.
Until they can make mobile gaming as good a console gaming, there is no threat. Mobile gaming is in a world of its own. I don't see consoles going away any time soon.
I dont think it is. Mobile gaming is nothing like consoling gaming. After about 30 minutes I'm done with playing on my cell lol.
There's no way mobile gaming is a "threat" at all to console gaming. It's a whole different ball game and they're worlds apart. Maybe one day they'll be able to reach the point where they can compare to console games, but by that time console games will have evolved to something even more amazing.

I love mobile and the games we're able to play on them, don't get me wrong, but console gaming is just way ahead, and probably will remain that way unless it hits some sort of a peak where mobile development can catch up to.
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