Full Version: Youtube Spammar (Sikuli+Python) 69% working
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Hi, today I am going to show you how to make an youtube spammer (with little or no python). But the idea can be expanded to do more.

It's a short video. But I was getting tired of creating text to speech :p

Unfamiliar with sikuli? See a tutorial here..

View the source here. No download.
The autism in this thread is amazing. Cleaned it up. OP, you should just paste the script here in [code] tags to stop people complaining.
Bad idea to put that video in Youtube !!
Off course it has been removed already Smile
How did you come up with this percentage? This is just like in Happy Wheels when somebody titles their level "99.9% Impossible".
I thought it would be good PR. besides you would only have to experiment to prove otherwise. :p speaking of which my video have been removed wtf. oh well the source remains.
It's been removed can OP upload the video elsewhere.