Full Version: Plagiarism on the next level
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Remember that fucking ridiculous Iggy Azalea gibberish freestyle that had us all laughing?

Surprise! She stole it from Kendrick Lamar. Even her absolute worst shit is plagiarized.

Iggy needs to wash away her sins like [Image: 94d541cc24.gif]
I don't get how people like her she's just so bad. My amateur mixtape is better than her albums.
She has some catchy songs but I agree she's garbage.
Iggy is just another one hit wonder. She had one song everyone raved about and then everyone wonders why she can't produce anything else of a half decent quality. Not to mention that fact that her flow is absolutely terrible. It's painful to listen to.
Really? Steal from Kendrick? Of course someone would notice. His bars are going to be known for a long time. There's no possible way to get away with stealing from another artist.