Full Version: What type of gamer are you?
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As the title says,

What type of Gamer are you?

Myself, i'm an all around gamer, Ive been playing Lots of different genres learning and trying different styles, I found myself most relaxed and enjoyed whilst playing Call Of Duty and WoW.

What about you?
Umm. Hardcore? Gamers are gamers. We unite under that concept. Why divide us?
Used to be a hardcore gamer. I don't play as many games now. I'm a bit more casual.
Competitive/Casual, I like to play hard and be incredibly competitive however do enjoy myself some really casual games, like the sims and whatnot. I'm not talking completion competitive because I've only beaten 4-5 games, I'm talking online competitive.
I play literally everything from Paradox games to City Builders, To Runescape, to CS:GO. Literally everything.
I mostly play casually, but soon im switching to comp after I move and get my new PC setup for streaming <3

I only play multiplayer games, I hate playing offline, I hate playing casual.
I mostly play casually
I Never play online :p
I played LoL alot but stopped as I have to start preparing for my exams.StressedConfused
I'm more into fighting games and I only like cod for zombies.
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