Full Version: I think we need to appreciate how awesome Rise Against is
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Where do I start with these guys?
They're probably one of my favourite bands of all time, for one.
And that's not just because of the style. They have a huge diversity of music.
one of my favourites, Everchanging (acoustic), is unique for one (pretty cool) reason. They play acoustic guitars as they would an electric which I'd never heard before this song.

Another good one, Hero Of War, gives amazing insight into the life of a solider. Most songs today don't really give insight into anything, let alone aspects of life we rarely consider.

These guys aren't in it for the money. They love what they do and write with a burning passion.
I've been listining to them for years now, I've been a fan ever since I heard Injecting in DiRT 2 (a videogame)

My favorite songs from there are :

- Injection (as mentioned before)
- Swing Life Away
- Savior
Rise against!! I have to support my Chicago guys. Best band out there. Always good music. Not crappy talk about what ever. They actually bring current events into there music.