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For those who are interested, I listen to aggressive music when working out. I thought I would share it with you guys. This definitely helps me pushing out that last rep at max power.


Awesome song. :Thumbs-Up: :Heart:
But check my brief track list :


I like hardcore as well, the old neophyte is good training music and so is the prodigy:

- this clip is so friggin' awesome :Heart:
The Lost Prophets, Justic, Eric Prydz are prety good artists for making music that pumps me up.
DnB works quite well for workouts as well.
Nice songs, i will use them when i go to gymTongue
@bluedog.tar.gz thats acid, hard techno etc music kinda nice but that specific song is too nasty!
(07-30-2014, 03:06 PM)Legolas Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome song. :Thumbs-Up: :Heart:
But check my brief track list :


I like that all of those, except one, are on my playlist too! :Smile:

Well, as you probably already guessed, I mainly listen to EDM/progressive house while working out.