Full Version: [musicleeks] episode 2
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Alright, second episode! Some more EDM culture here today!

Some new pages popped up on the YouTubes called 'Monstercat: OSNL' and 'Monstercat: Out with the new'. They aren't all that popular, with only 1500 and 900 subs respectively but the original monstercat(1m+ subs) is pissed. What OSNL does is take Monstercat's old songs and add the new layout, published July 2013. OWTN adds the old layout to new songs. I smell a lawsuit though. OSNL and OWTN have no rights from Monstercat to redistribute their music. The page owners admit they have nothing to do with the main page so something's not right... Stay tuned for more!
Old Songs New Layout's channel
Out With The New's channel
Monstercat Media's channel
(Monstercat's new album, 017: Ascension, drops on May 21!)
(there's also talk of Ephixia coming back and more talk of a Rogue EP)