Full Version: [musicleeks] episode 1
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MUSICLEEKS NOTE: All information in musicleeks was amassed by me and personal sources. To date, none of my content is anywhere but here
Welcome, one and all to my new series, MUSIC LEEKS! (sh!tty pun included) This series contains leaked info from the front-line music industry! Enjoy!

The story goes: With Deadmau5's new Purrari (custom ferarri with nyan cats and stuff), he's been denied service at auto shops and even had events cancelled by the venue owners because, as some auto shop owners claimed, he's defacing the ferarri brand's name. I don't know what's going to happen with Joel's career(he's a good guy, I'll give him that) but this is his first bad break in a looong time.
Spoiler: I found the purrari here in Toronto. The license plate reads: EPICLULZ
[Image: oHlY6m]