Full Version: Song that inspires to hack?
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Hey HC Members!!

Is there any song that inspires you to hack?
mine is "Somewhere i belong" by LINKIN PARK
and "otherwise - Soldiers (The Pacific Music Video) (by changing it's lyrics a little bit like sing "we are hackers" instead of "we are soldiers")

Please tell your songs that inspires you to hack... :Smile:
I have a habit of listening to this after carrying out some ops with my buddies.

Not necessarily what I listen to when hacking though.

Somewhat obvious but I like dualcore's work.

All the things:

Internet rebellion is pretty good

And believe it or not, the pewdiepie dubstep mix is pretty effective

(Both have SUPER epic bass)
Yeah i Agree with you @Loxax @dropzon3 & @maxx but a light music that soothens you while doing or performing a hack or while programming will be perfect... Confusedmile:
Matrix soundtrack... I guess now it could be called "oldschool" Biggrin
I'm surprised nobody mentioned something similar to "Hackers" soundtrack.
I feel pretty crazy when listening to something like this and exploring stuff:
Nothing specific, just usual.

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