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Whats your opinion about Progressive Music?

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You dont know what is Progressive ?
Just hear and then post.

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I love progressive music lol. i just love'em
Progressive of all genres is the absolute best. Progressive house, progressive rock, you name it.
Some are good some are not.. like Martin Garrix - Animals, a very simple shitty song. my friend remade the whole song in 5 minutes. i dont know why everyone are so hyped about that ear rape but you know, its just me.
(12-26-2013, 08:11 AM)UnKnowN112 Wrote: [ -> ]I love progressive music lol. i just love'em
Me 2 bro.:Thumbs-Up:

@Danus ,@LaunchpadMcQuack ,@UnKnowN112 ,

I putted 5 new sings on List. :HeartEyes:
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I love progressive music to, specifically progressive house. It isn't that new though, in fact, most new progressive songs are quite cliche and match a lot of other progressive songs. But man, who gives a damn when the music is always damn awesome...

Here's a few of my favorites

"Whats your opinion about Progressive Music?"

Hate it.
I really like most progressive genre (exept prog house), And I think Prog trance the most (thats just because I'm addicted to trance and psytrance). But if you like it you shouln'd just look for the word progressive because there are a lot of genres that have a lot of things in common. Liquid DnB for instance, or Deep house.

Just keep that in your head Smile
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