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Domain Transfer
Domain transfer is available for transfer to namecheap and it is totally free. If transferring to domain register other than namecheap, 3$ one time fee will be charged.
Why transfer domain?
By transferring domain to your account you will have full access to domain info.

+50$ - 5%
+100$ - 10%
+150$ - 15%

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Title changed in to reflect the subject matter.
Beware of adding special characters to your Thread Title when such is not allowed.
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Ok, sorry Linuxephus. Smile
(04-08-2013, 05:15 PM)grifmajster Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, sorry Linuxephus. Smile

Good enough for me friend.
And no more posting threads with compromised domains in them.
Saves the Staff alot of needlessly additional work when being aware of the rules keeps you from drawing the less than wanted type of attention.:thumbs: