Full Version: New Remix - Trance Lifted
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Here's one of my newer remixes that I've done a few weeks ago:


There's more on my soundcloud but I mainly do hardstyle stuff:
(Latest project):

One I have on my Youtube, which was a request for somebody who challenged me to do something in the style of skrillex:
Sounds good, very nice for working on long projects or such. I always love this music on the background, keeps me on my work :}
I have plenty more full tracks, but since I have a basic FREE soundcloud account I have been limited to a certain number of minutes. My longest full track (not mix) was 18 minutes in length lol. I had it up there at one point in time but removed it to put newer stuff up. Right now this is for most of my demo stuff.

I'd also put random stuff on my BandCamp as an alternative to SoundCloud for uploading my stuff. I have a variety of my tracks scattered everywhere.