Full Version: What genre of music you listen to ?
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what type of music do you listen to? i listen to dubstep rap and grime grime is like rap but the flow is a lot faster and better beats
30 seconds to mars like or 7 lions, undead Hollywood kind llol
(05-27-2012, 04:23 PM)Cadiz De Veritas Wrote: [ -> ]30 seconds to mars like or 7 lions, undead Hollywood kind llol

ohh man this song remind me of something Blush

Atm im listening some macedonian old school rap, the best band from Macedonia and near (Balkans)
Dubstep, electro, drum n' bass and such things.
it seem like alot of you guys like Dubstep if you havn't heard of Cyberoptics you should check him out
`cooool! I'd like to listen to all these songs. youtubing now! Biggrin
I hate grime just saying.
I listen to Punk rock and alternative rock mostly
I have a very varied taste anything really but metal really digging dubstep at the minute though
Death Metal FTW, and some insane satanic black metal every now and then.

Started out softer, with metal when I was very young, and it just got heavier and heavier.
i like inferno, trance, bass, mostly i like tiesto.......
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