Full Version: Devilscript Mass Shell Checker [Free] - Coded By Devil2005
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[Image: devilscriptbanner.png]
Devilscript 2.0 Shell Checker:

The Past Few Days I Have Been Coding A Mass Shell Checker For Shell Booters And I Am Releasing It For Free Because Im A Nice Guy ^_^. Please No Speculating/Bad Mouthing The Thread. It Is Here IF You Want To Use It NOT Because You Have To.

I Would Like Donations If You Have Any Money Spare I Only Take Liberty Reserve Though To Ac|count Number U0530713

Just Make Sure Your Syntax Is In The Right Format Which Is One Url Underneath The Other With No Other Characters.
Here Is The Link And Some Screen Shots:

[Image: massshellcheckerdevil20.png]

[Image: massshellcheckerdevil20.png]

This Will Show You In Real Time The Checking Of The Shells Along With The Type Of Shell It Is. Please Message Me If You Would Like Any Updates And Ill See What I Can Do For You ^.^
Pretty nice shell checker imo thanks for the share.
(02-25-2011, 08:15 PM)Hidden Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty nice shell checker imo thanks for the share.

no problem at all.