Full Version: 1234hotmaster Autorun Builder
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hi guys decided to make one for newbie hackers since they still might not want to see my usb autorun making thread or don't get the guide. Its simple to use. Coded in VB took me 30 mins to make Smile


[Image: i49249_autorun.JPG]

have a nice day Biggrin

Edited: i reuploaded the link cause i found a major bug.
Nice little Tool. Good work. Smile
tnx happy you like it Smile
wow two master programmers liking my program! shit i need to stay awake this night and call my friends to have a party :p

glad you two like it and commented unlike other people who just pass by Sad

PS: can anyone PM me any idea to make next? tnx
You could make an HTML editor, or GUI for commandline applications like for REGSVR32 for registering ocx/dll.
Nice app!!! I like it!!! Keep it up Smile
@coder, do you mock people to make things that are unheard of? Tongue lol jk
@1234, i love it dude, thx
well, i can make the HTML editor cause im currently working on a advanced web defacer ( hey prophet no copying Tongue ) but the REGSRV32 and stuff, i never heard of that Tongue
Tongue lol

me neither lol
good job hotmaster !!!
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