Full Version: Signs That Your Computer is Infected with Malware
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You can use Threatexpert aswell of Sandboxie or Anubis...
other signs: fake error on startup ( rofl for weak loggers and n00b hackers Tongue )
you can always use procexp for seeing any malwares Biggrin

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I booted OphCrack from USB once,and next time I started windows it was full with viruses.I started scan and on 15% it had few thousand viruses :rip:.I formated hard drive that instant and installed windows again.Guess what happend.It was STILL full of viruses.Did full format and installed win again and same xD!It was total mess,I didn't know what to do.And one day I tried to install Backtrack and change format of entire hard drive from ntfs to (forgot name of format,something like ext),and then win and viruses were gone Biggrin! Question is,what kind of viruses were those?
And best way to pick up Malware is to browse trough porn sites Biggrin

(05-03-2011, 02:40 PM)Avon Wrote: [ -> ]And best way to pick up Malware is to browse trough porn sites Biggrin
Ya.agree.. Biggrin ...but now,i'm wonder why google chrome able to check a particular web have malware or not...but when using firefox, it's doesn't show whether the web have malware or not....
I will explain my situation.
I have an avast! antivirus, one of the newest versions.
No changes on my PC performance, everything works fine.
BUT, every time I turn my PC on, an avast! window opens! It shows me, that I have a virus in my computer, but that window is old-school! If I press Ignore, than it asks me, if I should restart my computer and run a scan. I press Yes, than it restarts and scans the whole computer. After the scan the same window pops up! There's an another button, too! Delete now. I press it, the same question pops up. If I press Yes, than it restarts and scans and pops up the same virus window!!! If I press No, then it does'nt restart, but the next time I turn on my PC, THAT WINDOW POPS UP AGAIN!!!!!!!! And if I search for that infected file manually, I can't find it! I search up the whole computer!

I don't know, is there an infected file somewhere, or why is that window popping up? Plz help me.
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