Full Version: YTCracker - Bazaar
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Take a look around this hack store
Its got a selection for the leets and the hax0rs
Rootkits with the backdoors
Polymorphic progs with the logfile captors
Everybody lose the pc or mac wars
Cuz a group of people chatting on them hack boards
It don't matter the color of your hat
White off white grey dark grey or black
Everybody in my clique use backtrack
I can't even use half those apps
Heard me say it on a dual core mixtape
POP shove it off on ollydbg off the grip tape
Prepaid, full charge with a fixed rate
Tor onions fucking with the bit rate
Splash page, user-pass, call it phish bait
Bit coins on trade for the phish mate

[Hook x2]
It's a hacker bazaar
It's a marketplace for star dot star
Exploits vulns and cards
Full dumps and accounts in arrays of chars

[Verse 2]
If a vendor don't respond
Then don't be surprised if they don't respawn
Find a little 0day sold dot com
On the market then database rows got bombed
Maybe you just want a one word handle
On a social network to floss
So your friends get jealous when they sending a tweet
To twitter dot com slash boss
Slanging rare custom scripts
With that try before you buy loaded in eclipse
Selling out them packetflips
Cuz them proxies in demand for them magic tricks
Everything could be yours for a small fee
From the comfort of your home sipping coffee
Have a couple of these dumb songs on me
But don't forget to give a dollar for a copy

[Repeat Hook]